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1.      REPAIR SERVICE   For years now Fordray has been rescuing people and organisations with faulty broadcast equipment of all makes and models who have found support in Australia for some imported broadcast gear unavailable or just horribly expensive. Having designed nearly all our own products in house, we can almost always diagnose and repair similar equipment from other manufacturers. We have not advertised this service previously, but after a long string of successes, we think it's time to make it official.

2.       Fordray now has a range of Digital Television transmitters.  A single transmitter broadcasts all standard and high definition channels, EPG's, subtitles and parental controls for all the services on the network.

         Fordray also has a range of input configuration options including;
                ASI data stream.
                Audio / Video input.
                Off-Air Digital Translators.

         All these retransmission systems are available in power levels from 2 watts rms up to 200 watts rms.

4. SOLAR DC SUPPLY OPTIONS - Just about all our receiver and transmitters below the power of 100 watts output can be supplied with a DC input option of either 24 or 48 volt, suitable for solar systems. If your installation location is remote or prone to mains power problems, talk to us about your power options.

5. New Product LBT-UD - UHF Television Transmitter. Digital input, analog output on UHF band with stereo sound. Option of up to 10Watt sync-tip output or 50 Watt sync-tip output. Fully contained in a 3RU rack case.

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